September 28th–30th

The colours are so gorgeous around here! There is a mixture of conifers and deciduous trees and the landscape is rich with colour. The weather is also quite glorious… most days are sunny. Sure the temperatures vary between -8 and 12 degrees…But the chilly winds and dampness from the coast aren’t present here. It’s quite stunning and many colleagues enjoy recreational time outdoors. Some are kayaking the endless lakes. Some are mountain biking. Some are fishing. Some are hiking. Some are riding horses. Some are hunting. I enjoy walking and taking photos to share on my blog! 😉🤔

The other big event of this week was orange T-Shirt day. There is a new picture book from Strong Nations which explains the story of orange T-shirt day. The purpose of this day is to remind us about the injustices of government forced removal of aboriginal children to attend Residential schools prior to the late 1970’s.

All lessons were about this topic this week. There were so many questions, opinions, thoughts, visions, and discussions by our amazing young children.