September 24th and 25th 2018

Besides the traffic coming from the main street–semis, logging trucks, etc. and the train that passes by every hour or so, it’s pretty darn quiet in our side of town. 🙂 So we were quiet shocked when we received a phone call asking what was happening across the street. Hmmm? It was an interesting episode of the Voice and we didn’t hear anything. However,  when we opened the curtains… Oh my! It seemed most of the emergency vehicles from Burns Lake were across the street! In the end everybody departed…We still don’t know what happened, but I learned there are lots of emergency vehicles here!

The next day at WKE school we participated in Orca Live. I had been teaching students about coastal Vancouver Island and showing video clips of Orcas at rubbing beaches. We had 3 classes of students in the Learning Commons interacting with this live broadcast.  I can’t show front views of students, but you can see lots of participation!

I even received a message from a colleague at my previous school E.V.E.S. in Port Hardy during the event who saw my tweet on twitter as we were all asking questions. Hello Jill. I miss you!