September 30th

What a treat! Several of our students in grades 5–7 at both Elementary schools are involved in highland dancing, or taking violin, fiddle, or string lessons. One young lass is in all of the above and her family also teaches various string instrument lessons and performs together! Such creative talents and opportunities here. Hmmmm…I wonder if I should try violin? Maybe cello? Double bass does look fun…

I attended the Burns Lake East Coast Kitchen Party event–as did most of Burns Lake! It was fun, funny, dynamic, diverse, musical, and so up beat! I didn’t realize there were so many Newfies and East coast transplants here too. It felt like I was back in Port Hardy! Lots of young children (and some moms) danced up front as the lively bands performed. There were jokes, skits, and constant entertainment! I took lots of video…but unfortunately this blog platform doesn’t support video 😦   Well done, Lakes District!

I also added a few photos of Mr. P.G. whom I see each time I leave Prince George and head towards Vanderhoof. The bottom right photo is at Fraser Lake. This was the site of the forest fire tent city most of the summer. It’s so nice to see it back to a field now! The middle photo is me waiting in my vehicle as one of the many, many trains pass by downtown Burns Lake!