Departure 4:45 p.m. March 15th– Arrival 3:00 p.m. March 16th 2019

We booked this 22 hour ferry trip from Prince Rupert to Port Hardy months ago! It’s not cheap, but it is certainly much more relaxing than driving over 1,085 km from Burns Lake to Vancouver in winter conditions then taking the ferry across to Vancouver Island. Mid March is mid season and the ferry only sails once a week stopping at both Klemtu and Bella Bella.

We were so thankful we reserved a cabin as the trip was lengthy and people were scrambling to get on a waiting list to receive a cabin. The price we paid for mid season rate was: $291.10 for under height vehicle; $252.00 for 2 adults; and $110.00 for a 2 berth outside cabin. The total fee for the ferry ride in mid March 2019 was $653.10.

All the cabins were booked and people without a cabin ended up sleeping in chairs or on the floors around the ferry. During the trip there were 3 movies offered in the Raven Lounge. The Gift store and the Cafe were open until 10:30 p.m. and re-opened early in the morning. Highlights of the trip were: the gorgeous scenery travelling between the mainland and outer islands most of the journey; and definitely seeing seals, sea lions, and Dall’s porpoises. A challenge was the rough ocean conditions we encountered during the night at Milbanke Sound between Klemtu and Bella Bella. The vessel was rocking so much it woke me up!

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and we would both travel this way again. Plus…When the ferry docks at Port Hardy, and the hatch opens so we can disembark, mom is only 10 minutes away! Back in God’s Country….Vancouver Island!

My brother, Mark, was down from Prince George visiting mom too, so after picking up some groceries at Save-On and checking out sea lions across Hardy Bay,  we had a lovely family reunion together. We even let mom open her new Samsung Galaxy tablet and cases a day early! The next blog post will be about St. Patrick’s Day (Mom’s 86th Birthday!).