March 5th–8th, 2019

As indicated in my previous post “Goodbye to WKE Family”, my Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist position contract officially ended in SD91 (Burns Lake, B.C.) on March 9th. Would you believe in my final week, I had to attend not 1 but 2 staff meetings?

This blog post is dedicated to my second amazing school, Decker Lake Elementary, where I taught as the Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist on Thursdays and Fridays. As I rushed from WKE to Decker on Tuesday to attend the second staff meeting, I encountered a road blockade en route. Upon approaching the accident vicinity I had to wonder how on earth could a semi trailer land in the ditch perpendicular to the highway on a clear day when the highway was cleared, the temperatures were actually above zero, and there was no black ice or rain visible? Yet…There it was blocking the highway!

We eventually progressed passed the site on a side road and when I returned 2 huge tow trucks working in unison, had managed to pull the semi trailer back onto the highway.  Highway 16 is a life line access highway. It is not wide (mainly only 1 driving lane per side in our area) but it is constantly in use! When I drive to Decker Lake Elementary from Burn Lake town, I regularly have semi trailers, huge equipment, or logging trucks in front or behind me!

Similar to WKE, the last few days were busy and hectic at Decker with S.T.E.M. challenges and classroom lessons. I also selected $2,000 of Hi/Low (High Interest/Low Vocabulary) books and wonderful new non-fiction books to support the interests and curriculum of this school’s clientele. (Thank you to the P.A.C. for this donation). There is no Library Assistant or Clerk at this school.

My dedicated and keen Learning Commons Leaders (about 20 students in grades 5-7) had a final club meeting completing projects as we aim to evolve our Learning Commons and make it more student friendly.  Each grade had a Google Map lesson about where my husband and I were travelling after my departure from Decker. One class created and performed a touching song about my departure and several students arrived with “I’ll miss you” cards. It was lovely but not emotionally draining because… I’M COMING BACK!

Yes. The district and union combined to create, and present me with, a special contract enticing me to return to Decker Lake Elementary after our travels. The contract is to continue working as TL/Learning Commons Specialist at Decker Lake Elementary School 100% for the final 5 weeks of the school year. Guess those extra years obtaining my Masters degree in Teacher-Librarianship is a valuable asset. So my teaching materials remain in my Library Office where they will be waiting for me when Mark and I head back up to the Lakes District area at the end of May.

This time, we plan to bring our trailer and kayaks north and take advantage exploring the numerous beautiful lakes around Burns Lake area. We are hopeful that the ice will be melted by then! I look forward to reuniting with many master teachers and support staff at this school, a delightful student population, and a relaxed supportive principal.

BONUS: I will get to visit all my amazing friends from WKE and the community too!

Let the travel time begin!