Our Trip from Nanaimo to Bangkok via Hong Kong. April 2019

April 2nd to April 4th, 2019

I’m trying something new on my blog. It’s a link to a photo video about our travels. Please press the link and open it.

We departed from Nanaimo on Vancouver Island at 7:55 am April 2nd to YVR (Vancouver, BC) via Harbour Air float plane. Although noisy… it’s such a lovely way to see the natural beauty and clean air of our country.

At 1:10 pm AC 007 departed for Hong Kong. We used aeromile points to upgrade to Premium Economy and it was sure worth it! We sure appreciated the extra legroom, service, and having only 2 seats per side. All announcements were presented in English, French, Mandarin and another language (Cantonese?).

We lost April 3rd as we passed over the International date line. (See you when we return lol). At 02:30 am PDT we arrived in Hong Kong–4:30 pm their time.

The air pollution was very high as we approached Hong Kong and visibility was limited as we landed. However… it was possible to see an extremely long bridge, lots of wind turbines protruding out of the ocean, and more freighters than I had previously seen in any one harbour! When we entered the terminal face masks were a common site.

We only had a 1 1/2 hour wait in Hong Kong but we wished we had planned a stop over to explore this thriving hub! TG 639 (Thai airlines) departed at 4:05 am PDT and arrived in Bangkok 6:45 am PDT which was actually 8:45 pm Thai time!

Our next leg of travel was relatively quick with Thai airlines from Hong Kong to Bangkok. I was appreciative of the preordered Gluten/Lactose free meals I received on all flights. They were pretty tasty too!

After arriving in Bangkok we received our visas and passed through security pretty quickly. It had been a much slower process in Hong Kong where my hand baggage was checked thoroughly. When we unpacked our checked suitcases at our Bangkok hotel I discovered a form letter inside my suitcase informing me that my suitcase had been hand checked in YVR but nothing was removed. That’s the first time I’ve had that experience! It was rather unsettling…

We had a lovely (although very lengthy) trip half way across the globe and had arrived safely in hot, humid, busy Bangkok. Tomorrow morning we would see my son who has lived/worked in Bangkok for over 5 years. I was exhausted, but so excited!


Friends, Fun, and Majestic Beauty — Home on Vancouver Island!

Late March 2019

My home town is Port Hardy, B.C. On northern Vancouver Island. The rugged beauty of the pristine waters and outdoors is hard to match —particularly on sunny days.

Sea lions at Hardy bay

The community looks after each other —especially during any crisis. When I enter the Post Office, Guidos, Save On, or the hockey arena there are always friends to chat with and stories to share. This trip was no exception. I walked with Jackie and met her cute new little baby “Jozi”. We also were invited to lunch at Lata’s lovely new home in Hyde Creek. Many friends are living there now and their views truly are spectacular! No whales passing by this trip though. 🥴

Northern Vancouver Island

Port Hardy was hosting the provincial Bantams ice hockey championships. The game we watched ended in a tie between Port Hardy and Dawson Creek. Congratulations to our locals as Hardy Bantams ended up as silver medalists!

The 4 hour drive heading south to Nanaimo was gorgeous! Sun, snow on the mountain tops, no snow on the roads, ocean waves lapping the shores from Campbell River south, flowers blooming, trees in blossom. While most of Canada is still deep into winter, Vancouver Island is definitely full into Spring!

Port McNeill to Campbell River.

Back at our home in Nanaimo the blossoms and flowers were even further developed. We went for a walk at one of our favorite places —Pipers lagoon. It did not disappoint. Wow! From up top of the hill and cliff edge we were fortunate to observe harbour seals frolicking, sea lions slapping their fins and barking, and a rare sight … a pod of 5 orcas passed by! Then the full moon appeared in its splendour and glory. What an amazing world we live in!

Pipers Lagoon Nanaimo

During our final days before departing on our next big adventure, we traveled to Comox and Cowichan for business and pleasure. It’s always fun visiting Rick and Angelika. Home is pretty amazing, but Asia calls next!