Heading northward to Prince George for #Cariboorocks– 11 Rock Concerts in a weekend!

August 2018

Well ….After celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary, Mark and I took the ferry over to Vancouver then headed north through smoke and fire fighters tent cities, in my spunky new 2019 VW Jetta. En route to Prince George we saw the snowbirds practicing above us in Chilliwack and gorgeous Mt. Benson. Thank goodness for air con as the temps rose to 41 degrees C. We saw smoke from fires in several locations and sometimes couldn’t even see the rivers and lakes beside the highway.

Our goal was to attend Cariboo Rocks in Prince George. We would also be celebrating my brother, Mark’s (yes…) birthday and even check out a location I was curious about….Burns Lake, B.C. This all occurred in mid August. I’m catching up folks!!! lol

The Jetta performed beautifully. Between smokey sections the scenery of the Fraser Valley & Thompson-Nicola & Cariboo was gorgeous! Then we arrived for the first of 3 nights of Classic Rock concerts #Cariboorocks! Let the rock and roll begin!

Wildlife in our North Nanaimo Yard!


So…I’m learning about this blog business…I just figured out how to make a collage of photos or a photo gallery within a post! Wahoo! 🙂

I can’t seem to see all the lovely photos of our wildlife that I posted last time, so I’m going to subdivide the previous post and concentrate on just this topic. Oh how I miss these lovely creatures from home, but I’m looking forward to viewing some new types of creatures up here!

Precursors to my Adventure ….Moving from Port Hardy to Nanaimo. Nanaimo renos Phase 1! Sept 2017

So I said good-bye to Duval Ave in Port Hardy and hello to our home in North Nanaimo. Mark and I started plans to transform/update the house and yard. Decisions. Decisions! I’m still in awe at all the wildlife we see in our yard here…From deer, raccoons, quail, varieties of songbirds and birds of prey…to the strange and bizarre frogs, insects and varieties of garter snakes. Here are a few photos to show beginning renos . Continue reading “Precursors to my Adventure ….Moving from Port Hardy to Nanaimo. Nanaimo renos Phase 1! Sept 2017”

Adventures and Contemplation from Sandy’s Perspective

What’s next? After a lengthy teaching career, I retired (The First Time) from SD85 in 2017. Then traveled up north to SD91 as Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist until June 2019 when I retired (The Second Time).  The freedom of being able to make my own choices, in my own time, is suddenly a new reality. This is my time to explore, have adventures, stretch my comfort zone levels, and travel to fascinating destinations. This is my blog …. My chosen venue to share my story.  You are welcome to join my journey. Hugs Sandy