We adopted Sophia when she was about 6-7 weeks old. She was one of 5 kittens that were discovered and rescued from a forested area on northern Vancouver Island. The first year was definitely a challenge with her PTSD and anxiety. But, as her trust levels increased, so did her interaction with us. Sophia has now passed her second birthday. She is fit, healthy and tremendously curious! She likes to be included and involved in all projects!

Sophia helping with quality control!

This blog post is about the construction of a new storage bench. Of course, Sophia participated fully during all stages of construction!

We carefully unpacked the box….Sophia had to check out the color and quality of the wooden pieces. Translated, this meant exploring and hiding inside the layers of packing material while we read the assembly instructions.

Sophia checks out the packaging for us…

While we sorted out the necessary components for this project, Sophia supervised making certain we were working diligently.

Sophia inspects the components….

The next step was to assemble the sides, top, and bottom sections. Sophia watched from a nearby dining room chair while I located numbered pieces and my husband assembled them together.

Assembling the sides while Sophia observes from a safe location!

The rattan fronts on the doors seemed to intrigue Sophia and she decided to come closer to the action. She hid inside the bench structure and watched the process–even putting out her paw to assist!

Sophia getting closer to the action and extending her paw to help!

Sophia had an in depth inspection of the drawers. She seemed to approve of the construction, but was a little too fascinated by the decorative rattan on the front.

Sophia gives a final inspection of the drawers

Newly assembled, we moved the storage seat into its new location. Of course, Sophia followed and gave the furniture its final inspection from the sides and front. Luckily, it was too tight when she explored underneath, so this won’t be a new hiding spot. She adores playing tag with us!

Sophia inspects the new furniture and thankfully can not fit underneath it!

This was a quick and easy little covid project. We all assisted and are very content with the end result. Now ….Back to hiking and exploring around Vancouver Island.

Stay Safe. Stay Optimistic.

Cheers. S