Covid lockdown periods offer an opportunity to focus on projects near and dear to your heart. This blog post illustrates a renovation project to update the interior stairwell area of our house.

Updating the interior stairwell area of our house. Winter 2021.

I assisted with color selection, design, holding levels and boards during measurement and installation, and was the official photographer. My husband was the driving force, remodeling expert, and leader of this renovation project!

Our goal was to update the stairs area and add more natural light into the stairwell.

After researching ideas on multiple home renovation sites; then determining what was actually possible to alter and update in our 1970’s house; we commenced the project.

Removing previous carpet, underlay, nails and staples!

The current carpet and underlay were removed. All the nails and staples were pulled out. That’s a tedious job!

Removing the old pass-through opening…

The wood and painted plexiglass panels were removed from the pass-through opening. I must confess, I was never fond of that retro design!

As usual, our cat was involved checking out the progress and “assisting” with the changes.

Sophia loves to assist and evaluate our progress

The old handrails were removed. Imperfections in the walls were repaired and fresh paint was applied.

At “Finishing” stores we selected the wood for the stair skirts, new handrails, and trim around the pass-through opening. Wrought iron balusters were selected for inside the opening. The black balusters were a new design featured in the 2021 catalogue. We really liked how the shapes of the balusters complimented the shape of our pass-through opening.

New wrought iron balusters in the pass-through opening

The carpet and underlay were picked to compliment and transition between our foyer tile and upstairs flooring.

Measurements, painting, cutting, placement, routing, and more measurements ensued.

The custom designed stair skirts made a huge difference brightening up the stairwell area and were first to be attached in place.

My hubby created custom designed stair skirts

Updating the pass-through area came next. It was really exciting to see how this change encouraged more natural light and made the space look so much more modern and enticing.

Updated new pass-through opening and espresso modern handrails.

The new espresso stained solid wood handrails are both functional and tie in with our color scheme.

The installation of the new thick, comfy carpet was the final stage of our Covid Project Stairwell Renovation.

All done! We achieved our goals of updating the stairwell and adding more natural sunlight.

We are really thrilled with this update to our home. Awesome job, Mark!

What’s next? Time to return to hiking and exploring once the snow recedes and the roads are accessible once again.

Keep Safe and Keep Optimistic. Cheers. S