I’m dreaming of a White Christmas“…The lyrics incite such a romantic vision of a Winter Wonderland. It truly is magical when snow arrives for Christmas…

Winter Wonderland in our backyard…Merry Christmas 2021 from Vancouver Island, Canada.

After shoveling snow several times a day for over a week straight (Thanks hon!); and being basically snowed in during the entire time my 88 year old mother and son, Alexander, were visiting over Christmas; I must confess visions of sun and warm beaches have been slipping into my thoughts lately!

Shoveling snow every day since snow arrived! Dec 2021

However, it is with gratitude, I embrace the beautiful snowy scenes and Winter Wonderland our family experienced during 2021 Christmas.

In preparation of the Festive Season, we attended a George Canyon Christmas concert, set out the nutcracker collection, decorated the tree, and Sophia our cat set out to explore after the first snowfall.

Getting into the Holiday Mood–George Canyon, Nutcrackers, Tree, Sophia and Snow!

Gifts were created and shared. From Santa on a motorcycle playing “Born to be Wild” to homemade pumpkin pies for each of our neighbors. I even managed to get my hair cut and styled!

Getting ready for Christmas Festivities…

My husband and I headed up for a day of downhill skiing at Mount Washington prior to the influx of participation when school breaks for the Holidays.

Downhill Skiing at Mt Washington, Dec. 2021 (weekday).

By December 22nd my 88 year old mom and son, Alexander, arrived at our home on Vancouver Island. Alexander had spent the previous week in Toronto working at the StarFish Medical office in Toronto. Luckily his Covid test was negative after returning back to our province, so he was able to join us at Christmas. Sadly, his long time girlfriend, Benz, remains in Thailand due to Covid global restrictions. We all really miss her optimistic ways and quick smiles! Sophia, our rescue cat was thrilled to have Alexander home!

Beautiful Benz in Thailand and Sophia loving Alexander’s gentle touch.

When Alexander arrived my modest, reserved son quietly informed us that he had just received an award at his work place. We were all so proud when we learned that Alexander had been selected to receive the StarFish MedicalReach For the Stars” award.

My son, Alexander, was selected to receive the StarFish Medical “Reach for the Stars” 2021 award with Scott Phillips (Founder and C.E.O. of StarFish Medical.)

His grandad (Alex) would have certainly been beaming with pride! Alexander is the 3rd generation of exceptional Engineers. My dad whom Alexander is named after, was a Marine and Machine Engineer. His Uncle Mark was an Electrical Engineer. Alexander is a Design and Manufacturing Engineer. All three generations are incredible divergent thinkers, innovative problem solvers, and hard working leaders in their fields. Alexander is very humble, but he is allowing his proud mom to share this recent recognition. I am so proud of you hon!

So how do you entertain when snow is steadily increasing outside day by day?

Daily measurement of snow on the back deck table….The last photo reached 48 cm or 19 1/2 inches!!!

Well….The 4 of us (mainly Alexander) worked together to complete a 1,000 piece puzzle entitled “Wish you were here” sent by a lovely friend in Burns Lake. Thanks Wendy! Our one outing in the snow was Alexander’s gift to his nana. Mom selected a movie she would like to see and we all attended “West Side Storytogether! It was mom’s first time attending a movie theatre in years and she was thrilled watching from recliner chairs!

Christmas activities–puzzles and movies!

Eating….Meal planning was done ahead of time. Here are a few of the meals we shared together.

Sharing meals together….Enjoying extra treats over the Holidays.

Christmas is not quite the same without small children present and our day was pretty quiet with only 4 family members present together. Covid times have changed our celebrations, but we embraced our time and had fun together!

Highlights from Christmas 2021

The Fifth member of our home is our rescue cat, Sophia. Although she loves to spend time outdoors….We discovered that Sophia is not fond of deep snow and temperatures below 0! She is curious and likes to check in with us (especially me), but during a Winter Wonderland experience she is happy to hang indoors!

Sophia our Turquoise shell cat prefers indoors….but likes to follow me when the snow is under 30 cm.

It is a lot of hard physical work keeping snow under control–including keeping the vehicles accessible and driveways/paths cleared. But sometimes…..you just need to have a bit of fun and make snow angels!

Mark and Alexander demonstrate how to create Snow Angels! Dec 2021

Sophia demonstrated how to create paths in the snow and play with the snow. She was not successful creating snowballs….but she tried hard!

Sophia (rescue cat) tries to make snowballs….

We definitely had a “White Christmas” this year and as we approach the New Year of 2022, I can say honestly that we will have a “White New Year” too!

Yes. We had a “White Christmas” 2021

The snow seems to be very content resting here and weather forecasts do not indicate that it will be disappearing in the near future. So….Here are some highlights showing the beauty of a Winter Wonderland in our city.

Scenes around our cul de sac during our December 2021 Winter Wonderland.

Alexander assists nana through the path in the snow to my husband’s truck. Mark drove her up the cul de sac hill to get into the vehicle which would be taking her back home up island.

Alexander assists his nana through the snow. Mark checks out an icicle!

Christmas is over for 2021….The Winter Wonderland remains in our city on Vancouver Island.

Happy New Year 2022!!!! From our home to yours!

2020 and 2021 have had their challenges with Covid global pandemic lockdowns. A new year is inspiring and offers new opportunities and hope. Happy New Year 2022! From Canada to your home!

Keep Safe and Keep Optimistic. Cheers. S