As lockdowns continue, I reflect with joy and happy memories of family and freedom during our last Christmas/Festive Season prior to Covid 19. Presenting December 2019 on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada.

Celebrating a beautiful meal with immediate family…

The restaurant in Nanaimo was called “The Modern Cafe”… the delicious entrees were far from “Cafe” fair.

Alexander recommends the house burger too!

Back at the house….My mom presented us with a stunning, colorful quilt which our rescue kitten Sophia instantly proceeded to check out!

Sophia checks out the new quilt

On December 24th we relaxed around the house and played with our kitten Sophia. Tomorrow family would be arriving!

Christmas Eve with immediate family

Sophia (7 months old) is always involved in all activities… and much loved 😽. Our kitten suffers from PTSD from her unknown history before her mother and litter were discovered in the forest. She can be extremely wary and anxious in many settings… but she is content and happy with the 4 of us.

Sophia receives tons of love 💕

We were not blessed with the joy of young children zealous to commence festivities on Christmas morning this year…but we had fun activities planned and more family arriving from other areas of B.C.

Christmas morning fun!

Two trips were anticipated to pick up family members who were crossing by B.C Ferries from the mainland of B.C. to Nanaimo. The first 2 visitors arriving are coming from Prince George — my brother Mark and lovely Begona. Mark’s sister, Ingrid, is also arriving later from Vancouver.

Nothing is quite as wonderful as having family together at Christmas 🥰

Here are a few highlights from our last Christmas and Boxing Day prior to Covid 19. May this happy video bring smiles and memories of times when masks were not necessary and there were no physical spacing limits to worry about.

From our home to yours we wish you peace, happiness, beautiful memories, and optimistic hope of future family Christmas times again soon….

Memories from Family Christmas before Covid