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Reflections–Fun and Sun. Mexico prior to Covid

Reflections and flash backs from our last International trip abroad prior to Covid 19. Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Dec. 2019. Fun in the sun!

Mexican love at our Playa del Carmen resort.

As Covid continues to affect us all globally, and we are increasingly familiar with our homes and yards; it is soothing and peaceful to reflect upon fun and adventure from prior to the global lockdown. This blog post reflects the laughter, sun, and fun from our most recent trip abroad to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. I invite you to travel virtually with me to sunny Mexico.

Home base— Sandos Playacar Beach Resort. Playa del Carmen. Mexico

Mark, Lynda and I decided to take a taxi and explore the nearby community of Playa del Carmen. This coastal town is located along the Yucatan Peninsula’s Riviera Maya strip of Caribbean shoreline. The resort community is located in the Quintana Roo state. Quinta Avenida pedestrian area is a shoppers’ souvenir haven where blocks of shops, street vendors, restaurants and bars are located near the beach.

Lynda had fun posing with the men in cultural bird regalia. We appreciated the colorful street graffiti and I was intrigued with all the beaded art creations for sale.

Quinta Avenida

It was time to catch a taxi and return to the resort as tonight was “Mexican Cultural Extravaganza Night!”. The Sandos provided quite a cultural experience for us–from food, to costumes, dancing (including the traditional Mexican Hat dance), and Mariachi bands. We were immersed and felt the energy, pride and vibrancy from this beautiful country. An added surprise was when they called up visitors celebrating a birthday as I was one! We danced. We laughed. We made lots of noise!

Here is a short video depicting highlights from the Mexican Extravaganza Night at Sandos Playacar Beach Resort.

Mexican Extravaganza at Sando

Within this brief 9 day trip to Playa del Carmen my husband and I have explored the famous ruins of Chichen Itza, swam with catfish in cenotes, explored “Xcaret by Mexico” during the day and evening, and snorkeled at Puerto Morelos Reef National Park.

We have laughed each day while getting reacquainted with dear friends from Orange Beach, Alabama, and definitely celebrated my 60th birthday in style! The warm enticing oceans and pools were appreciated each day as were the endless aspects of staying in an ‘all inclusive resort’. These Mexican adventures have been recorded and celebrated in 5 previous blog posts.

Fun activities around the resort.—Aquafit, yes. Pool table tennis, no.

Our final day was spent relaxing around the resort with our dear friends Terry and Lynda.

Enjoying the lovely resort

Who knew this would be our final gathering in close quarters for an unknown duration due to covid?

Beautiful friends and beautiful meals!

These were days of relaxing in the sun without accompanying face masks and bottles of sanitizer. There were no signs reminding us of 2 meters physical distancing or washing hands with soap regularly while singing the Happy Birthday song two times.

A couple from Canada, a couple from USA, loving being together in beautiful Mexico!

I am grateful to my caring, loving husband who surprised me with this birthday trip to Mexico to celebrate my 60th year. We are appreciative that we reunited with delightful friends, Terry and Lynda. We are thankful that Mexico embraced us and shared their beautiful festive cultures, sun, and history. We are hopeful that once again our world will be free to explore and share with beautiful people from all countries around our magnificent globe.

Our return trip home to Vancouver Island, Canada.

My husband and I returned back to Canada tanned and relaxed. There was no premonition that this would be our last International adventure for an unknown period of time…

Future blog posts will be dedicated to creative ways to keep optimistic and active during covid times… Keep safe my friends!


Vancouver Island is my home base. Married to an amazing man named Mark. Curious. Life long learner. Love to travel, have adventures, try new things, enhance my global awareness. Live.Laugh.Love. So proud of my family.

8 replies on “Reflections–Fun and Sun. Mexico prior to Covid”

Little did we all think …. We were in Mexico City for new year and on to Playa del Carmen for a few days in early 2020…..happily idling by the pool and wondering what the year would bring us… great to have the memories!

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Strange is right! I was gutted at first that I was grounded but we’d a few lovely trips over the summer in the West of Ireland…. retracing places we hadn’t visited in years. In the beginning I was full of gusto like everyone else.. decluttering, trying recipes, discovering zoom…. that has long fizzled out. We’ve been in lockdown for what seems forever…. Tomorrow, the limit is finally being raised from 5km to county so at least we’ll have a bit more scope – sick to death of walking the same roads. We can also meet up with one more household outdoors so that will be great. Vaccine rollout has been slow but seems to be improving – it’ll still be the summer at least before we’re done. No travel this year for sure – at best we’ll get a few more staycation trips if things don’t deteriorate again.
Having said all that, things could be a lot worse. I’m retired and Tom semi retired. We’re both quite happy to sit with a book or a puzzle. I was a primary teacher – I taught 4-5yr old boys – (34 in a class!!) so whenever I begin to feel sorry for myself I tell myself I could be back in the classroom, or worse still, zooming lessons every day….the horror!!!!😖😖

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Wow! We have more similarities! Are you in Ireland?
We are hitting a 3rd wave in Canada now…. it’s scary. Most people try hard to follow government and medical advisory rules here… but some refuse! Now the Brazilian strain has hit the Vancouver area!
I am also a retired teacher after 35 years! (Kindergarten ti grade 7). My husband is semi retired. I can’t imagine teaching your children via zoom! Enjoy your new freedom beyond 5km. My husband and I are heading off in our new ebikes! Stay safe Marie.


I am indeed – I live in south county Dublin – about 40 mins from the city centre. We’ve been humming and hawing about ebikes!!! A few pals have them and love them. Enjoy your cycle – and mind yourselves. XXXMarie

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