Goodbye Bangkok. Hello Chiang Mai 😉

April 17th 2019

After a lively adventurous week in Bangkok during Songkran, we departed from Apartelle Hotel in the Chatuchak area and headed north for a week in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai.

Lovely modern Apartelle Hotel

Today is our travel day… Tomorrow we explore the famous temples (Wats) aroundChiang Rai. Prior to our departure from Bangkok, I wanted to comment on the humongous bill boards—Particularly near the International airport. Many of the boards display advertisements, but some illustrate famous people or contain important messages. Here are a few of my favorites. (Plus one from the airport waiting area).

Previous Thai King and Billboards

Scenes from the airport at Bangkok as we waited to fly Thai Air to Chiang Mai.

Bangkok International Airport

Our digs in Chiang Mai. We stayed at this Airbnb which is close to the airport and beside Wat Suan Dok during our last trip to Chiang Mai and have returned for a second stay!

Our new base for the next hot week!

We love residing beside this Historical Wat. Wat Suan Dok was built in the 14th Century, hosts an amazing vegetarian cafe called Pun Pun, hosts meditation classes and monk chat times, is a teaching center for monks, is a beehive of activity, is stunningly beautiful, is so peaceful, and we often wake to the sound of monks chanting.

Heading out to explore our neighbourhood and the Sois (alleys) near our location.

The sois around Wat Suan Dok

Tomorrow is a huge day as we are booked on a full day “Explore Chiang Rai” tour.


Vancouver Island is my home base. Married to an amazing man named Mark. Curious. Life long learner. Love to travel, have adventures, try new things, enhance my global awareness. Live.Laugh.Love. So proud of my family.

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