April 15th 2019

On my son’s 29th birthday he treated the 4 of us to a Buffet dinner on the balcony of the 81st floor of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in Bangkok! Wow! What an amazing view of the bustling city of over 10 million (registered) inhabitants.

Alexander’s birthday dinner at Baiyoke

Upon entering the lobby and taking the elevator up up up …there is a small museum section you pass through prior to arriving at the restaurant levels.

Our reserved location was outside on one of the balconies. It was lovely outside as there was a light cooling breeze and a stunning view of Bangkok from the 81st floor!

81st floor Balcony Buffet at Baiyoke

We arrived about 5:30 pm enabling us to experience the views during the daylight, sunset, and dark of night.

Views of Bangkok day, sunset, night

The buffet inside was extensive … featuring Thai, seafood, bbq, salads, and desserts. In addition well trained waiters delivered appetizers, salad, soup, sushi, main course, and fruit to us on the balcony during the evening. You couldn’t go hungry here! There was a huge amount of seafood. The crab seemed to be especially popular. If only I was not allergic to crab!

Buffet selections at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

After sunset, a trio of musicians travelled around the restaurant looking for people celebrating special occasions. They sang Happy birthday to Alexander and it was so satisfying to see his appreciative smile. 😘🎂🥰. What a wonderful evening!

Birthday tribute & exploring the outdoor top deck.

This is a lovely place to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Happy birthday to my intelligent, creative 29 year old son Alexander! Xoxo love you forever and always. Mom