Bangkok—Muang Boran Thailand’s Enormous Ancient City

April 13th 2019

Muang Boran just outside Bangkok, is an outdoor museum in Samut Prakan covering 96 hectares or 240 acres with scaled models or replicas of ancient city ruins and historical monuments from various parts of Thailand.

Here is my slide show video of some of the intriguing wats and sculptures we discovered during our intensely hot 40 degrees day there 🥵.

Remember the site is vast and the replicas are so amazing they are well worth investigating! The main types of transportation available are walking, cycling (free bikes) or renting a golf cart at 350 Baht for the first hour and slightly less per hour after that.

As the temperature reached over 40 degrees plus 80 % humidity… We voted for the covered golf cart option! (plus hats, 50 sunscreen, fans, and lots of water!). Many female tourists also carried sun umbrellas. The water buffalo had it right… They hid in the moat! Thankfully it was Songkran and we were squirted with water several times. 😉

To locate the Ancient City, we drove south from Bangkok 40 km which took nearly an hour each direction. The entrance price is fairly expensive for Thai attractions at 700Baht for each foreigner and 200 Baht for each Thai person. Plus 350 Baht/hour for the golf cart. Bring lots of cash because the credit card machines can’t be counted on… But this attraction shouldn’t be missed!

We recognized Wats from different locations around Thailand and had a new porthole into Thai culture and history.

By sandysglobaleyes

Vancouver Island is my home base. Married to an amazing man named Mark. Curious. Life long learner. Love to travel, have adventures, try new things, enhance my global awareness. Live.Laugh.Love. So proud of my family.

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