April 11th 2019

The question is… Where is the best location to experience Songkran in Thailand? Well… There are merits to experiencing a more culturally accurate Songkran in rural locations, but we decided to experience the Thai New Year in the huge metropolis of Bangkok!

According to population statistics sources, in 2018 the closest estimate for Bangkok population was 9.59 Million people! As there are a considerable number of unregistered people in Bangkok, it is impossible to establish a more accurate figure. Whatever the population… in April it’s hot and humid!

Bangkok weather during Songkran

Today we travelled by Koh Chang Taxi from Tranquility Bay to Bangkok. The van was pre-booked, but this experience was not as pleasant as our previous experience with this company. The van was older. The driver understood very little English. And he argued with us about previously agreed upon destination points. We had to contact the owner of the company by phone several times during the 7 hour trip northwest to Bangkok.

But… each day is an adventure and here are a few really neat things I observed and found fascinating …

Ferry from Koh Chang to Trat

We traveled from Koh Chang to Trat on a larger ferry this time. It was packed with a diverse population of travellers. Although language and cultural diversity was evident, we all shared the seats, squat toilets, and lines for fresh fruit smoothies!

Interesting wares and ways of Life

It is fascinating to observe how people adapt to the intense heat and humidity here.

Thailand has some amazing artists and their talents are expressed on many types of medium including buses! Here are several buses I was able to capture as our van zipped along the highway. Check out the Michelin men attached to the buses! They are popular here 🥴

Colourful buses and Michelin men

The wider highways, endless taxis and motorcycles, noise and exhaust, architecturally interesting skyscrapers, and endless power lines were a give away that we were back in busy Bangkok! Lovely Apartelle Jatujak Hotel was our home base for the next 6 days and during Songkran.

Bangkok! Home base at Apartelle Jatujak

Our Soi (alley) was narrow but filled with activity and small businesses. We were only a motor cycle taxi ride from Union Mall (12 Baht) each. We ate decadent ice cream with Alexander prior to his return to his apartment Century House near us. Check out the little cutie Thai girl who was practicing her English (Hello and goodbye) with us!

Little cutie at Union Mall

Mark and I picked up a few groceries at nearby Tesco, then returned to our Bangkok home base. Let Songkran begin!