April 9th—11th, 2019

Koh Chang is an island of variety and freedom within the wilds of a humid jungle setting surrounded by the Bay of Thailand.

After staying on Koh Chang for a week we have experienced the following: many different beaches, warm oceans and pools, some wonderful places to eat, deep massages for 300 Baht/hour, birds and monkeys, tropical plants and vegetation, daily fresh fruit, seafood, friendly locals, temperatures in the high 30’s with humidity, taxi rides on curvy roads, and endless motorcycles/scooters!

Motorcycles everywhere! Safety?

More of our favorite places to eat… (Buddha View was listed in a previous blog post). Another awesome outdoor restaurant with ambiance is El Greco on the Bang Bao pier. The menu includes Greek, Thai, and Korean food choices. A local fisherman paddled by beside our table, with his daily catch visible in his tiny boat.

El Graco—Bang Bao pier

Another pleasant spot for coffee or breakfast is Arabica Cafe opposite the Bang Bao pier 7-11 store.

Road to pier & Arabica Cafe

If you travel to Lonely Beach area we really enjoyed Ka Chapura Restaurant. The service was great and the Thai food was really delicious —especially the crab according to the rest of my travel partners.

Lonely Beach— Koh Chang

Also in Lonely Beach our bodies were submitted to a second experience with deep and effective massage! For only 300 Baht an hour all 3 of us could enter and exit together departing renewed and revitalized. Afterward we were given tea and a banana. My masseuse even wanted to have a photo taken together before I departed the shop!

Lonely Beach —Talented masseuses!

Returning to the southern end of Koh Chang in the open backed covered trucks they call (taxis), we regularly spotted Macaques monkeys playing on power lines as we zipped past on the curvy, bumpy, narrow roads.

Macaques Monkeys at Tranquility Bay

We were quite surprised to discover a favorite location for some of these monkeys was on the roof of a building directly across from Tranquility Bay resort. We watched the adults and baby Macaques monkeys swing on the power lines and run across the road near our condo. We often heard their calls in the mornings too. Although fascinating… we knew to keep our distance!

Tranquility Bay Coconuts

We truly enjoyed our week at Koh Chang staying at Tranquility Bay resort. The grounds here are glorious and treated so lovingly by the gardeners. When the gardener was removing coconuts from a palm tree near our condo I was watching in fascination. He offered me two beauties but without the tools… we couldn’t crack them open! 🥴

Goodbye Koh Chang!

Our week is over at Koh Chang. It’s time to get back in the van en route to Trat via the ferry, then northward to Bangkok. Our next adventure is to experience Thai New Year—Song Kran— in Bangkok!