April 6th, 2019

Heading East over the hill and down to the ocean we explored a new area. Only 1km east from Bang Bao pier is Klong Kloi beach. It’s a pretty area starting to be discovered for its beauty, yet still far enough from the bustle of Lonely beach closer to the ferry terminal.

Klong Kloi Beach near Tranquility Bay

Some of the road had been eroded during a recent storm (also eliminating our internet for the first few days). We passed bungalows tucked into jungle by the beaches… several offered yoga or smoothie bars! Then came the beach front massage locations.

The road between the two areas

Once we hit the sand we continued walking past beach bars and a lengthy row of beach chairs. Around the corner was more private and less congested. We located a fancy outdoor bar with swings and chairs. This was our base for several hours. The ocean was refreshing yet warm with such high salt content that we all floated carelessly bobbing on the waves.

Klong Kloi Beach bar!

After returning to our Hotel we opted for swimming pool water and relaxing under umbrellas at our beautiful resort. When the temperature is 30 plus 80+ humidity it feels close to 40 degrees!! Regular quick intervals of immersion in the water then hiding under shade with lots of sun protection was a perfect fit.

Tranquility Bay resort pool & view

The grounds at Tranquility Bay resort are stunning and every day during this intense heat male gardeners were busy maintaining their beauty. From bamboo hedges and palm trees to multiple species of local flowers this flora enticed a wide variety of bugs, amphibians, reptiles (we didn’t see any snakes there), Song birds, and Macaques monkeys!

Beauty around Tranquility Bay resort

We really were on the edge of a jungle here.