Early April 2019

Hot and Humid with a little taste of storm (Lightning/Thunder) is today’s reality! But the storm passed quickly and we were off exploring. Today’s plan is to further explore Bang Bao pier (about 1km walk); take a taxi (covered back of a truck with bench seats) to Big C store in White Sand beach area; then embrace the end of our light with a sunset dinner at lovely Buddha View Open restaurant.

Taxi ride north to White Sand Beach

We caught a taxi to White Sand beach to get groceries. It’s a lengthy ride north back towards the ferry terminal which is augmented by the discomfort of being bounced around in the back bench seat of a truck as it swerved around tight hairpin corners barely missing other vehicles and scooters, while breathing in the exhaust fumes right below you! Clearly not my favorite mode of transit!

Price for the taxi ride is negotiated by you and the driver prior to you jumping into the back. Prices varied with different drivers. This section was 150 Baht/person.

Lunch, massages, groceries at Big C

We decided to grab lunch and have a massage prior to getting groceries at Big C. There are many lovely spots to enjoy Thai food off the main roads. Toilets aren’t always available though, so watch for them as you travel. A toilet facility was near to our lunch location. The price was 10 Baht each for a few squares of toilet paper and the use of a public toilet.

There are so many massage locations in Koh Chang and the prices are pretty compatible… but the expertise of the “women” (haven’t seen a male yet) varies. We hit a home run in White Sand beach! All 3 of us had 1 hour massages with oil, then tea. The 3 women were amazing and so strong and effective. The total price was 850 Baht which equates to less than $40 Canadian!!! After getting groceries we took another taxi back to our home base.

Bang Bao pier area

Off we walked past the Wat (mediation center) toward the pier. We’re getting familiar with all the landmarks—scooter rental locations, our favorite fresh fruit stand where the lady will slice up any fruit in front of you, (Mango, limes, papaya, bananas, dragon fruit, coconut, mangosteens, lychee, etc), the only drug mart, massage shops, the laundry shop (40 baht for 1kg of dirty laundry), and the ever popular 7–11 store and taxi base.

As you approach the wooden pier you encounter the Rasta stand, gelato stand, coffee shops, then the souvenirs, colourful clothing, fresh fish and seafood, Thai food, and endless small souvenirs shops!

Bang Bao Pier

Everyone heading for a boat excursion must walk down the lengthy pier to the waiting vessels. The pathway is narrow and packed with endless tiny shops, fresh food, and little cafes on both sides of the path. In addition to locals and tourists walking through this covered path, watch out for the constant stream of scooters, motorcycles, and metal carts filled with wares! (Especially early morning and after 4 pm).

Buddha View restaurant in pm

At the end of the covered section of the pier you will discover open space and a more relaxed setting with a few delightful restaurants. Buddha View is well worth locating and quite delightful! There are a few areas where you can sit on pillows at a low tables and let your legs dangle over the open water.

Back again! Buddha View for dinner!

The Thai food was wonderful and the sunset sublime. This was an awesome way to end another full day at Koh Chang with my 2 favorite guys! 😉