April 4th 2019

This morning I finally got to reunite with my son Alexander! He’s been working at Western Digital and living in Bangkok for over 5 years now. Our last visit was nearly a year ago in Canada. I miss him so much it pains my heart— I’m sure any mother would understand this emotion if their only child was half way across the globe! But I understand his draw to this lush, beautiful country and it’s amicable, caring citizens. When the van arrived at our hotel I didn’t want our embrace to end!

Reunion between mom & son in Bangkok

April is hot and humid in Thailand! Thai Travel websites list late April and May as the hottest months in most of Thailand… but apparently it’s also the dry season. What we’ve discovered so far, is that the humidity and heat combined will take some adjustment for our N. American bodies.

An unexpected surprise is there isn’t an over abundance of tourists at this time and it’s school break in Thailand, so we get to interact with Thai families. The young children are so cute!

Reunion & Bangkok road trip

We prebooked a transport company Taxi Koh Chang Asia in Koh Chang to pick up Alexander at his apartment then us at our Bangkok AT Suvarnabhumi Residence airport hotel in a private air conditioned van then drive us all the way to our next residence Tranquility Bay on the island of Koh Chang in the province of Trat.

Koh Chang is the 2nd largest island in Thailand on the Eastern coast with a population of about 6,000. We were staying at Bang Bao near the south of the island.

Bangkok to Trat Road Trip

The trip in the van was very interesting and comfortable . Our driver chose to avoid some of the traffic by taking an inner highway route instead of the coastal road.

Once we arrived at the Trat ferry terminal another man from the taxi company collected the 5,000 Baht cash fee for the van service door to door from Bangkok locations to our next residence at Koh Chang. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Most of the staff working at the ferry terminal wore hats, sunglasses, neck guards, long sleeved shirts, and either long pants or long skirts (females).

Ferry from Trat to Koh Chang

The ferry ride was a 45 minute crossing and quite pleasant. The scenery was lovely and you could sit or stand to observe the views. There was even a small snack shop on board the vessel. When we arrived at Tranquility Bay resort we unpacked then explored…