March 1st–3rd, 2019

After being apart for 7 long weeks while my husband dealt with storm damage which occurred at our Nanaimo home last December, I was eager and thankful as I drove to Prince George to meet him at the airport! Thankfully the highway was clear and not too icy today, so the trip took just under 3 hours. The brilliant blue sky and the white sparkly snow on the fields and frozen lakes contrasted so vividly it was quite breath taking.

After greeting Mark at the airport we drove to my brother’s house. I was surprised to discover there was even more snow piled up on the streets in his Prince George neighborhood than what I had witnessed in Burns lake! I couldn’t resist taking photos of cars nearly submerged by metres of snow.

Next, we drove to Prince George vw dealership to check out the progress of my 2019 vw Jetta that had been towed from Burns Lake to PG when it stopped working on Feb. 12th!  As the vehicle is so new, there were no parts available. To escalate my apprehension, while in the VW dealership, vandals broke in and smashed the back passenger side window of my vehicle — and took nothing! So senseless! I felt so frustrated and sad seeing my 2019 vehicle sitting in their garage looking so pathetic and broken. Only 9 months ago I witnessed the car arriving at Comox dealership still dressed in white protective coverings. 😦

A weekend of music trivia at Wildwood pub (We won the second game); and fondue with caring and fun neighbors and family really picked up my spirits and reminded me of what is most important in life.

Then it was time to return to Burns Lake for my final week of this teaching assignment as the Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist for both WKE and Decker Elementary Schools in Burns Lake.