February 23rd–25th, 2019

There is always lots to do during winter in the Lakes District area–recreational activities like snowshoeing, snowmobile riding and races, ice fishing, x country or downhill skiing, fat tire mountain biking, curling, hockey, etc.

Then there are the constant winter jobs: shoveling snow, cutting wood and kindling, keeping your vehicles running etc. Sometimes it is even interesting to walk through the ‘mall’ and shops displaying historical photos and information about the area. I doubt there are many moose and fish this large left anymore?

Any winter activities I could access, I tried! But, sometimes when the weather is -25 or lower….It’s just more pleasant to stay in your home with friends feeling the warmth of Blaze King wood stove!

I guess that is partially why there are so many talented and creative artisans in this area! img_8962

When Brat the cat would finally allow me to get up (She loved to sleep on my lap in the evenings) I enjoyed knitting and working on 1,000 piece puzzles. You can pick up beautiful puzzles for $1.00 or free at the local Thrift shop or the Reuse shop near the local dump. They are both quite popular drop in locations up here.