Feb 20th–24th, 2019

What’s new in Burns Lake? Well…My sinus infection is on the mend. I’m dealing with the loaner vw Jetta Hybrid while my 2019 vw Jetta remains in the Prince George dealership waiting for necessary parts as the vehicle is so new, they don’t have the parts available! Work at both schools is hectic as I try to evolve as much as possible in the limited time left on my Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist contract in SD91 ending March 9th, 2019. Snow keeps on falling and it’s below -25 nearly every night and most mornings!  Brrr! This is definitely a place to build your independence capabilities! But…Without a doubt I sure do love the sunshine that twinkles on the snow crystals nearly every day and invites smiles and positive energy from those who feel her welcome warmth.

At school, we are always learning and practicing new methods. As Professionals, we meet collaboratively and take turns leading new assessment ideas and strategies then sharing ways to adapt and engage all learners. This week as the school’s Learning Commons Specialist, it was my turn to lead.

In addition to working collaboratively with my dedicated colleagues, I have been thrilled with the dedication and determination of my keen Learning Commons Leaders. They are eager, creative student leaders in grades 5-7 who assist me with the Library collection and add student touches and ideas for the Learning Commons spaces.

Outside in the snow covered fields, popular activities (when it is warmer than -20 degrees) are sledding down the hills, building structures, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing. I discovered this interesting machine parked at different times in both school grounds and was informed it created x country ski grooves for the children to ski within in big ovals around the fields! Pretty cool!

It is wonderful to see the students out practicing their skills with their teachers during gym times in the school fields! Being a Vancouver Island girl…I think of these fields mainly for use playing soccer! Guess soccer happens here around May???? It will be a while before all this snow melts unless their soccer shoes have extra long ice cleats. I’ll need to find out about that?

Catching up on snow shoveling often happens during the weekend. There is certainly no limit to physical exercise possibilities up here during the winter. However, when the temperatures are below -20 and there is an extra wind chill factor, I discovered I could only shovel the driveway in sections of about 15 minutes each as my nose, cheeks, and fingers got bitterly cold and red. I have learned that my heavy duty Sorel snow boots for up to -40 are quite cozy and sure do keep my feet toasty. I also have discovered that these really cold temperatures in conjunction with sunny/warmer periods during the days, seem to create amazing ice formations on roofs, shovel handles, garbage cans, doors, etc.

I am now experienced opening front doors and garbage can lids that are frozen shut! I must admit though….The first time I was locked inside by a frozen solid front door it was rather alarming! No square tires yet…But I am learning about Canadian winters beyond Vancouver Island!