Feb 4th — Feb. 8th, 2019

On Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland schools get closed when they can’t handle snowfall.  Up here….They laugh at that! There have been no school closures due to snowfall or low temperatures. For the first time this winter the school buses were unable to run when the temperature dropped below -35 degrees Celsius. However, the schools were still open. We just had smaller classes that day.  I donned by -40 Sorel winter boots, warmest mitts, warmest head and neck covering, and lots of layers! Long Johns under your pants keep you warm, but are pretty bulky!

When students arrive at school they come straight inside when it is lower than -20 degrees. I had the Learning Commons open. The gym, computer labs, art room, and multi-purpose rooms were also open for students. Snow boots, ice cleats, jackets, and backpacks are all removed at the front entrance area and picked up when the morning bell goes! Students stay inside during recess and lunch breaks when the temperature is dangerously low.

Wood stoves burn constantly around the community and sometimes there are poor air quality warnings. The sun is nearly always shining and the snow sparkles…but it’s damn cold outside! I have noticed that my skin is drying out and I am getting splits at the ends of some fingers. When I asked the doctors and pharmacists about this, I discovered it is very normal up here during the intense cold times of the year. Glysomed lotion was recommended to use on a regular basis. At school my students were talking about the ‘big’ events of the coming weekend and encouraging me to come and watch or participate. They were: hockey tournaments, x country skiing, and snowmobile racing. Hmmm…I’ve been attending/participating in the first two, but I’ve never attended snowmobile racing. So….Guess what my next blog post will be about?