February 1st–3rd 2019

The locals had been teasing me that it was a mild winter so far…. I was quite content using my up to -20 degree snow boots but had bought a second heavy duty pair (just in case!). Well….It happened! Suddenly temperatures dropped to below -30 before windchill!

I had to break out the Sorel -40 degree snowboots, heavy duty mitts, and my warmest head covering with ear protectors. Still my nose and cheeks burned! According to the local newspaper, we hit -40 before windchill twice! Brrrrr!

Omineca X Country Ski club was scheduled to host a competitive x country ski race on Feb. 3rd and I was scheduled to assist being in charge of “pinnies” and Gatorade sport drinks as competitors crossed the finish line. Well…The helpers sat by the phones watching the temperature on Feb. 3rd because it had to be warmer than -20 to host the event. In spite of a delay…the temperature and windchill were closer to -30 so the event was cancelled. I was sorry to miss the opportunity to be part of this new experience, but quite happy to stay inside the warm house. After going outside to shovel the driveway for only about 15 mins. (I gave up), my cheeks and nose were red and burning.

So…After heating up my vw Jetta engine 2x, I decided to take a drive around town to view this -30 + day.  As long as the seat warmer was running and the windows were up….It was stunningly beautiful.  Brat was happy to cuddle when I got back!