January 12 & 13, 2019

With temperatures between -10 and -15 most days, I really missed Mark’s kindling supply. However, I was too scared to use the ax and hatchet to create my own pile. This was a skill I had never needed to learn in the past. I asked at both schools if there was somewhere I could go to purchase kindling, but nobody had any suggestions. When I arrived back at home base on Friday after school, I noticed 2 cardboard boxes by the carport door. A Burns Lake fairy godmother/godfather had left me a much appreciated gift of potential heat!IMG_8121

I was exuberant making the first fire of 2019 in the woodstove that night! I felt quite successful and independent when the fire caught and warmed up the house:-) I asked many people if they were the secret santa, but I did not discover the answer for nearly a week. It was a gift from our friendly retired teacher and TTOC Paula, who is also the talented force behind the Burns Lake pottery at the Artisan center.  Thank you Paula! You are an angel in my eyes!

On Saturday I had my first Cross Country ski lesson at Omineca ski club. Doug was my instructor and was so patient and encouraging!

I had incredibly skinny classic no wax fish scale 190 cm skis, and really long classic 135cm poles. I was wobbly and probably looked pretty funny…but I only fell twice. Both times were going down hill!  I’ll tell you though, I won’t be winning any ski races for a long, long time–if ever!  It was a great start, but I have a long way to go 😦

On Sunday, my friend Sara invited me to learn how to make kindling at her place. It was so icy, we needed to wear ice cleats.

Turns out I really am pathetic at making the thin kindling, but I got the hang of using her log splitter! Thanks Sara for your patience, encouragement, and spare wood. 🙂 “I’m a Lumber Jill and I’m okay!” It was a weekend filled with new experiences. Brat adores the heat from the wood stove!