Snow clearing machines at school!

January 7th–11th

The first week back at school after the Christmas break was intense with full on teaching and returning to life in snowy winter conditions. Although the snow and ice covered the grounds and required shoveling (again!), the days were often sunny and winter recreational sports were calling my name! It was exciting to see the days lengthening after the winter solstice . I was so excited to arrive and depart from my schools in some light (instead of dawn/dusk or darkness). Students were all getting measured for the correct sizes in both snowshoes and x country skis! School newsletters home included information about the evolution of my 2 libraries into Learning Commons and my photo was sent home to parents 🙂

Students enjoyed creating snow forts and sliding down the slopes at both schools. Decker has 4 snow shovels that children enjoy using in the mornings to clear the stairs and sidewalks. One morning while working in the Learning Commons I heard this strange scraping sound outside my windows. Of course, I had to find the answer to this mystery.

A miniature tracker like vehicle with a front scoop was zooming around scrapping snow and then expelling the snow (like a snow blower) over the edge of the garden area.  It was fascinating and I was entranced! With low temperatures, new powder, and a weekend by myself…It was time to step out and explore more adventures in this area. Check out the next blog post!


Vancouver Island is my home base. Married to an amazing man named Mark. Curious. Life long learner. Love to travel, have adventures, try new things, enhance my global awareness. Live.Laugh.Love. So proud of my family.

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