January 6th and 7th, 2019

The plan was to drive back up north together in our truck (with studded tires), and explore winter recreation during my final 2 months and 9 days of this District Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist position in Burns Lake. However, due to all the storm damage on our home and property, plans changed.

The flight from Nanaimo to Vancouver was uneventful. While waiting in the Vancouver airport, though, I was fascinated by the FN sculptures covered in plastic. I had to investigate. Believe it or not….there is a crow in the terminal which is roosting and leaving excrement on artwork! The airport has accepted and embraced the crow, but covered artwork with plastic!

As we all sat waiting for the next flight the crow’s incessant cawing was incredibly irritating. Personally, I hope he finds the exit door before my next trip!

A fellow teacher working in Burns Lake also was returning north from the Nanaimo area. Thankfully, My brother was there to meet us when we arrived in Prince George. We had returned back north to the snow, dig out your car, engine heaters, pre-heat your vehicles, shovel driveways, wear ice cleats, gloves, toques, type of winter!

It was an exceptionally slow drive back to Burns Lake as there was fog in addition to ice and snow. When we returned, Brat (the cat I am house sitting) was anxiously waiting for my arrival. Once I had emptied my bags, Brat jumped in and wouldn’t get out for hours! lol