December 21st, 2018

The last day of school prior to Christmas break was Friday, December 21st–Also known as winter solstice! The temperature on the shortest day of the year was brisk… -19.5 degrees Celsius, but beautiful! I started out on morning duty at 8:05 a.m. with many students trying to come inside while administration reminded them “No. It’s not below -20 degrees. The final day was lovely, students were reading, making crafts and lounging as it was p.j. day at school.

After school I rushed to my “home base”, parked my vw, then Mark and I pulled our cases along the icy sidewalks to the Chevron gas station which doubles as the local “bus depot”.  The roads were really slippery and the bus driver left early!

After a quick visit with my brother in PG, we flew the remaining distance home the following day.

The first flight from PG to YVR (Vancouver) was full. The second flight was a small Harbour Air plane and Mark got to sit up front as co pilot! 🙂 as we flew over the water to Vancouver Island.

When we finally arrived in Nanaimo, we were in for quite a shock!