December 10–14th, 2018

As any teacher in a Canadian public school system will inform you….December is one busy time of the year!!! Report Cards, Book Fairs, Crafts for parents, Excitement of the pending holiday break, and Christmas concerts fill the days and many evenings in December!

Working at two different schools means double the excitement and long, stressful rising action period prior to the Christmas break. There is a hum of activity and rarely a moment to reflect or peacefully breathe during this period. Tension definitely exists and it is so important to be a collaborative, team player. Having an appreciative Principal who encourages laughter each day, really helps keep the environment positive and staff functioning as a team. What a delightful surprise to find this card and token waiting for me in my office mailbox! Even Brat, the cat I’m house sitting, sat up to reflect and notice!  🙂

There are so many wonderful initiatives at the schools I am working at in Burns Lake. One, is the Honor Tree at the front entrance of both schools. Brenda Levick and 4 of her children were killed in a tragic car accident a few years ago. She was the FN Support Worker at WKE who was extremely generous and made sure people in need had warm clothes and food. In her honor, there is a large tree in the entrance where we placed mitts hats, etc. and at the base we collected food items for those in need.

The Christmas concerts at both elementary schools were quite amazing! WKE had a section for the K/1 classes, then the grade 3/4 (including French Immersion) sang in dual languages, many classes performed in the complex musical “The Grinch”, which was followed by a percussion (recycled plastic bins) rhythm band! Nearly all staff were involved from creating costumes, make-up, acting, sets, etc. but the performance was led by our fearless (and very funny) Vice-Principal Marion Mills. Decker was equally amazing and I will have a separate post for that concert and the performances by Rachelle van Zanten–local musican.

Meanwhile in the Learning Commons, a maker-space activity which nearly went viral for popularity was making God’s Eyes! I went through masses of wool and Popsicle sticks and I’m pretty certain most homes in Burns Lake will have some God’s Eyes hanging on their Christmas trees this year!

These 2 boys were so proud of their collection!