December 7th & 9th, 2018

In addition to Book Fairs, Report Cards, and Christmas Concert practices SD91 held a grade 6 and 7 volleyball tournament hosted by Decker. The school gym and intermediate wing were overflowing with teams and parents from Burns Lake, Decker Lake, Francois Lake, Grassy Plains, and an independent FN school. Life here is never dull! As a person with very limited skill at volleyball, watching the students serve and volley made me reflect about how lousy I was at this sport at their age, and how I was one of ‘those’ players who rarely made a serve over the net. There were some really talented young athletes there, but what impressed me most was how supportive and encouraging the students were to all athletes–gifted and emerging! I added a photo of part of my Decker Learning Commons after my “helpers” finished decorating!

On Sunday, I attended the “Annual Christmas Concert” by the Lakes District Community Choir and Friends. The performance was held at the Immaculata church in Burns Lake and included the local Burns Lake community choir, as well as a 4 piece brass quartet, and the Chambermaids–a choir from the Francois Lake area. My principal and one classroom teacher from Decker Elementary were members of the choir. It was a lovely performance from challenging classical songs to religious and more modern carols. There was a sing-a-long section near the end of the second half where audience members were invited up into the 4 vocal sections to join in with Handel’s Hallelujah. I was invited up and joined the alto section. I haven’t needed to sight sing the auto harmony in a 4 voice choir in over a decade! It was fun and I actually hit most of the notes accurately….I think?? 🙂

The final song was A Lakes District 12 Days of Christmas….  I happen to have a copy….

12–rolls of duct tape

11–Lotto Tickets

10–loaves of fruit cake

9–cords of Jack Pine

8–Months of Netflix

7–Pounds of Coffee

6–Cans of Trout Bait  (What the heck is trout bait?) It’s for ice fishing, of course!

5–Great big moose (cut, wrapped and frozen)

4–Sides of bacon

3–Kids with shovels

2–Sharpened chain saws … and …

1–A grouse sitting in a Spruce Tree…..

As I walked home in the dark…I sang happily and enjoyed the white frost and bright starry sky above me. Happy Holidays Everybody!