November 24th

This weekend I decided to explore some of the winter recreation around Burns Lake. The closest down hill mountains are at Smithers (145 km to the west) and Fort St. James (175 km to the north east). However, there is a very active Cross Country Ski Club about 10 minutes from Burns Lake–Omineca Ski Club. So…I decided to check out their open house.  The club is small and friendly. They specialize in cross country skiing and biathalon training (cross country skiing and shooting at targets). I guess that makes sense with such a passionate group of hunters around this area. There were free snacks in the lodge and I met the main instructor for beginners (me). After soaking in lots of new information and getting acquainted with some of the club members I ended up buying two yearly memberships, added my name to the beginner adults lessons list, got measured for seasonal rentals, and even signed up to assist with the big club competition in early February! Hopefully by the end of the season (Early to Mid March) I’ll be able to stand up on those very skinny long skis and actual maneuver through the trails!

After joining the Omineca cross country club, I decided to go and watch ice hockey at the local arena. Several of the grade 6 and 7 boys and girls at my 2 schools play rep hockey and asked me to go and watch their tournament. So…I did! The Burns Lake Peewees were coached by Wendy (a fellow teacher from Decker) and played well. The end result was really close! I sat with some of the parents and entered all the fundraising draws. My throat was a bit sore from yelling loudly encouraging my students. After getting goals several of the boys skating past me giving me a thumbs up! It was very touching! I’m definitely coming back to watch more kids hockey games during my stay here.

Apparently there is an active curling rink also in the complex. I’ll check that out another day.