November 28th, 2018

When I arrived at WKE in August the principal showed me 3 huge Tower Gardens and asked if I would like to use at least 1 in the Learning Commons. Of course, I said “sure” I would love to take on one–thinking it was a fancy soil garden. Well…After my husband inspected it and changed it around he explained it was actually hydroponics! Oh boy! Another new experience ahead! One staff member was good friends with the retired teacher who created this design, and she visited our school to hold workshops and involve the students in the initial planting using rock wool.

We watched videos, reviewed parts of plants, then all students were given the chance to plant their herb or vegetable. When the lights are turned on, and the pumps circulating water, the garden tower looks a bit like a science fiction creation. We need to check the ph regularly and the rest will be a surprise! Hopefully we will produce lots of healthy greens for students to eat at school in the near future.