Mid November 2018

Dividing my time as Teacher Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist between two schools at Burns Lake and Decker lake is somewhat challenging and exhausting, yet so fulfilling.  I teach collaboratively with 16 different classroom teachers, plus have challenge groups and reading groups to plan for each week. In addition to collaborating with staff, supporting Learning Commons Leaders, introducing STEM and Inquiry, regular Library Administration duties, and 4 early morning duty shifts… I’m also busy evolving both Libraries into Learning Commons. Mastering all the names of both staffs is slowly coming; however, all the students’ names are not cemented yet! The staffs are wonderful and it is very fulfilling and touching when students make a point of hugging me and introducing me to their parents during community events after school hours!

Here are a few photos of some of the events we’ve shared at my two schools during mid November time period. There was a really cool marionette performance–a bit tough to see from the back but really neat props!

I open the Library/Learning Commons most mornings at each school. It is really popular, but I have to limit the numbers to 35 as it gets so busy. I expect as the temperatures drop…It will become even more popular. My Learning Commons Leaders are working on decorating for the upcoming Book Fair and they assist in the mornings. During  Intermediate lessons we have been learning about location of fiction series, authentic websites vs. hoax websites, how to cite text and online sources, and best search engines for science fair research.

The primary classes are learning about fairy tales–traditional vs. fractured and exploring STEM challenges to create structures (house for the 3 pigs, bed for Goldilocks, etc.).

We are having a wonderful time!