October 9th, 2018

My dear friend and colleague Kathleen MacArthur was an innovative and enthusiastic art teacher, yoga instructor, house renovator, and fiery individual with a zest for life and optimistic attitude. In spite of her shocking diagnosis of bone cancer, Kathleen fought and continued to be optimistic. Although her house was in Port McNeill and her chemo was in Campbell River and Nanaimo,  we were texting regularly… Her last text to me was on Sept. 25th “We are hopeful and OK”. I attended a workshop led by Kathleen several years ago about Zentangle patterns. She loved them! I told her I had the grade 5–7 students at both schools creating zentangle patterns on paint stir sticks to be used as shelf markers in the Library/Learning Commons areas. They made zentangle designs on the front of the sticks and wrote a positive message on the back.  I sent her photos in progress, but unfortunately….Kathleen’s cancer beat her and we lost her on October 9th. 😦 My world slowed down for awhile. We completed the very popular shelf markers and they are used daily at both schools.

In my mind….These are dedicated to my dear friend Kathleen. With love always.