October 13th, 2018

Yes. It’s Saturday! SD91 Nechako Lakes district is invested in Literacy Intervention using Joyful Literacy Interventions program created by Dr. Janet Mort. I chose to become involved as part of the Literacy team for both William Konkin Elem. and Decker Elementary schools. I participated with the WKE team for the day’s events as I actually teach there 60% of my time and 40% at Decker. It was a foggy morning as we car pooled to Fraser Lake. Usual sites included the lengthy CN trains and ATV’s in trucks. (It is hunting season up here!). This school district encompasses a vast physical area and Fraser Lake is kind of a central location.

FYI: SD91 Superintendent is from Fort St. James. (I met Manu at the Inservice). Our Assistant Superintendent is from Burns Lake (I was hired by Mike). Our Director of Instruction is also from Fort St. James. (I met Claire today too). The school board office is at Vanderhoof. Many of the other S.B.O. personnel live and work out of Vanderhoof. There is a second location (SBO at Burns Lake).  Sd91 includes: Fort St. James, Vanderhoof, Fort Fraser, Fraser Lake, Burns Lake, Francois Lake, Grassy Plains, Decker Lake, and Gran Isle. This was my first experience at Fraser Lake high school. My principal drove me around the village after the conference and showed me the favorite sites here–including: the Mexican cafe, and Mouse Mountain school. Bucket list–To climb Mouse Mountain! I’m expecting it should take about 1/2 hour? Mouse Mountain is located behind the elementary school in the lower right photo! There are so many beautiful lakes and areas to explore here!