Early October

This was a tough week as Mark and I passed our 10 years together anniversary in separate locations. Our hearts are united, but our locations aren’t at the moment! Soon… It was also my first Thanksgiving that I can ever recall, without any family around . My brother was busy hunting with his girlfriend. My son is in Thailand. Mom and Mark were together in Port Hardy. (Which I was very happy about!) My nieces and nephews live way over in Ontario!

It was rather emotional for me I must admit. 😦  But I was very thankful to be invited to join my host family in their celebration. I also learned that in this neck of the woods it is fairly common not to celebrate Thanksgiving with turkey etc. as it’s hunting season and many people focus on that! So…May we all be thankful for family and acceptance of diversity and new experiences.

I also added some photos of cool autumn art at school and beautiful flowers I received to brighten my week!