Late September

Well….It’s getting close to snow time so the outdoor activities will change then, but we are definitely returning up here next June or so with our kayaks to explore the many, many, many beautiful lakes in this area. Mark enjoyed the biking trails. I prefer to explore more of the hiking/walking trails around here.

After the photos of the banners, you will see my blue Jetta waiting to get its winter tires on. Yes. Before Oct. 1st! They were running late because a loaded logging truck was before me! It’s hunting season around here right now. It’s very common to see people in trucks with ATV’s or Quads in the back dressed in their camouflage clothing sometimes putting their rifles in/out of their trucks!  Even several teachers on our staffs are keen hunters and head out as often as possible. Most are young females!

The photos of the massive semis and trucks passing through the 20 km zone area are taken as I walk along our main street of downtown! Yes. The highway is our main street! We walk beside semis, loaded logging trucks, excavators, recreational vehicles, enormous blades and equipment for mines, etc. The traffic is non stop and quite entertaining. However, you have to be on your toes when you cross the road. Today I was quite shocked when a semi actually stopped on the main road to let me cross! That really caught me off guard!

Then there is the CN train which runs at least every hour….sometimes more often. During the night it is especially loud and feels like a phenomenally lengthy earthquake! It is amazing how much is transported by train across our vast land. If you happen to be driving towards the community park/curling rink area or towards Francois Lake/Southside and you arrive during a train crossing time, be prepared to sit and wait for 10 minutes or more as those trains are long! Behind the post office/fire hall area in the evenings there are multiple empty logging trucks which park along the train line area.

Did you notice the fire danger rating? After extensive and frightening forest fires up here for most of the summer, we have now dropped to a low rating. Who would believe it?