Sept. 6th 2018

While Mark was still staying with me in Burns Lake we decided to explore the Lakes area more. The secretaries from both schools I work at come from Topley and there are many library books in the Decker Lake library from Topley as the school was shut down several years ago. Topley is 49 km from Burns Lake and takes about 35 minutes to drive there. There is an interesting general store and cafe boasting photos of the past to check out just off the highway.

Then it is another drive 49 km mainly north (about 35 minutes), partially along Babine Lake, to arrive at Granisle. It is a beautiful drive and my principal from Decker is also the principal of Babine Lake school. Apparently if you are really lucky during snow season you might chance upon a Lynx during the trip. Also, at the right time….moose are fairly common I’m told. Well…We didn’t see any Lynx or Moose this trip, but we did see deer and bear!

We stopped at the fish ladders and were in awe by the enormous number of salmon dedicated to leaping over the fish walls! But in the 1/2 hour we watched….only 1 was successful!

As we neared Granisle heading down the hill towards the lake, I felt de ja vous of Port Alice! Weird….but there are some similarities! This tiny village is struggling ATM as the mine has shut down, but there is a strong push for tourism and sections of the village are looking new and revitalized. They are currently creating a lovely campground adjacent to the lake. Check out the sign on the school fence!