September 5th.

I am staying at a home in Burns Lake. The owners are quite delightful. Currently I am boarding downstairs, but soon I will be house sitting and looking after the cat (Brat–It’s her real name honestly!)  while the snowbirds depart to Yuma Arizona to avoid all the winter snow up here!

Yesterday Joe took Mark out fishing on Francois Lake while I was teaching. Although it’s written Francois Lake, most of the locals call it Frances Lake. We had lovely fish for dinner! Today we decided to drive around the lake area. We didn’t take the ferry across to Southside. It is still very smokey there and the fire evacuation order was only lifted days ago.  As you drive further away from the school and community center area, some  of the homes seem to get bigger satellite dishes and the woodsheds seem to be adorned with more antlers from deer, moose, and cariboo.

The sunset was incredible as the colors were magnified by the smokey skies.