Sept. 3-4th The weather around Burns Lake was sunny and beautiful for exploring outdoors. We finally had a tiny bit of rain which was outright optimistic to the forest fighters! Mark stayed in Burns Lake for the first week of school. We explored driving up some of the nearby roads admiring the beauty of the area. We discovered another tent city for fire fighters, and lots of gorgeous lakes and marshy areas. No wonder the moose love it around here!

Mark and I drove about 7 minutes beyond town up to Boer Mountain Lookout Road then continued to the trailhead of Kager Lake. It is very lovely here and popular with lots of mountain bikers. There are bike trails for beginners up to black diamond level.  There is a very keen mountain biking club here and a rental location in town. There is also free camping available and a lovely lake trail to walk/hike. The Kager Lake loop is only 2.8km but if you can also add the long lake loop–it’s 6.4 km. There are lots of signs posted warning to watch out for bears. We saw bear scat, but no bears.