Sept. 2018

My title is District Teacher-Librarian/Learning Commons Specialist. My base is in Burns Lake, B.C. SD91 Nechako Lakes. I am here for 6 months to create and introduce library programs and evolve libraries into Learning Commons at 2 Elementary Schools in Burns Lake area. I might be mentoring TL up here too. We’ll see?

I work at William Konkin Elementary Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It’s very interesting…About 200 students K–grade 7 in 10 classrooms. There is a Carrier cultural program at the school and dual track English and French Immersion. There is a huge, energetic staff and lots of cool programs occurring. There is a breakfast and lunch program too. img_4415I even have my own Eagle Group on Mondays. Nearly all staff touches base with the same 7 students (mixed grades) for 20 minutes each Monday and we discuss traits– like respect. The staff is amazing and we share lots of laughter and fun! (Photos at the beginning of the year….Before pics!)

On Thursday and Fridays I work at Decker Lake Elementary which is about 10 km west along (yes) Decker Lake, towards Topley. This school is a bit smaller. There are 6 classrooms from K–Grade 7. Most of the students get bused from surrounding areas. I’m on duty at 8:10–8:35 a.m. both mornings and supervise the students from the first 2 buses. 3 more buses arrive after I head inside. We have to stay outside unless the temp. gets below -20 degrees C! The lowest I’ve hit so far is -11 degrees. The staff is much smaller and come from Southside, Topley, and lots of areas. The school is surrounded by  woods and the children love building forts and nature creations. I asked about bears…They said there are rarely bears but sometimes a moose! The students play really well together. There is an ice rink structure near the merry go rounds, but I’m told it doesn’t get cold enough for the ice to last anymore???? (Before photos! At the beginning of the year….Check out the plug ins for vehicle heaters!)

There is an orthodox Mennonite school below Decker school. Their bells go at different times and these children don’t seem to mix much. Students wear traditional clothing and there are often signs by the school selling fresh eggs, baking, and crafts.