Some of the charm of my new location–Burns Lake, B.C.

September 2018

When I first announced I was contemplating taking a 6 month position at Burns Lake I was asked…Are there banks there? Yes. At least 3. Is there a Tim Hortons? No. But there are 3 amazing organic independent coffee shops. (They also create their own delicious goodies–including gluten free!) Is there a Subway/A&W/Kentucky fried chicken? Yes. to all. There is also a cute movie theatre which is open nearly every night. There is a public library where I go to access wifi. (None in the place I am staying). There is also a college, museum and a nice new hospital here. Is there a swimming pool? No unfortunately. But I’m taking Latin dancing at the community center! You can also play hockey, racquetball, join curling, lift weights, or climb on the climbing wall at the community center. There is a very popular mountain bike rental place with tons of trails to ride or walk on. There are lots of artisans. Is there a ski hill? The closest ones are in Prince George and Smithers. However, I’m told there is a kick butt cross country skiing team here and I can take cross country skiing lessons. There is also lots of music including several fiddle groups, highland dancing, and last weekend I attended an East Coast Kitchen party! The people are super friendly.

There are lots of eateries. My current favorites are: Tandoori Bliss (So yummy–especially the lamb dishes); the Grapevine pub/bistro; and the Office (a new pub/bistro). There are 2 tire shops, a car wash, and for my friends with electric vehicles…a charging station!  There are several hunting/fishing type stores I haven’t looked at yet. A mall with Fields, Save On, etc. At least 3 drugstores. A florist beside the post office. The biggest grocery store is the wholesale club. It’s like a mini Costco! Downtown, you can get a London Fog to go, sit on the benches along side the main street and be entertained watching the logging trucks, semis, and motorhomes passing. There is an endless stream of them!!! No wonder the speed limit is 20 km! Then there is the train which also passes by through downtown about every 2 hours! But…there are no taxis and buses are limited. I’m sure as I continue to explore this community I will discover more of its interesting charms…

Author: sandysglobaleyes

Vancouver Island is my home base. Married to an amazing man named Mark. Curious. Life long learner. Love to travel, have adventures, try new things, enhance my global awareness. Live.Laugh.Love. So proud of my family.

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